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Hi Everyone. 
Please read this message for an update regarding the upcoming ALTA Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 seasons at ERRC.
- ALTA's Fall 2018 season is about to start, first matches start on Sept 8th/9th weekend. Our six teams can still add players that meet ALTA's conditions for player additions during a season. Please contact our Captains if interested.
- We're going to pilot a new reservation approach for weekend ALTA matches:  Up to 10 hours of court time will be reserved across Courts 1, 2, and 3, rather than only two courts;  Court 4 will be not be used for ALTA weekend matches.   
- ERRC is restarting the Adult Mixed Doubles team for the Winter 2019 season. We need a Captain, Co-Captain, and at least 12 players on the roster. Please email me if interested (
Detailed Information:
The Fall 2018 Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA, season is about to start and Echo Ridge has awesome teams that can still add new team members!
ALTA is a fun, social, and competitive way to enjoy tennis, meet neighbors, and be part of a great Atlanta tradition!
Please see the Note at the end of this email for my interpretation of specific ALTA rules regarding the addition of players during a given season.
We currently have six ALTA teams that call ERRC "Home" (All are Doubles teams:  Boys U12, Boys U14, two Sunday Womens teams, and two Saturday Mens teams).   
Each team's Captain, weekly day/time for practices and matches are listed below.
If anyone would like to join any of our teams, please contact our Captains.
If a tennis player can't join for the Fall 2018 season, consider contacting the Captains, attending their practices, and joining a team for a future season.
ERRC Members only need to pay their annual ALTA dues to play on an ERRC team.
ERRC teams also allow players that are not ERRC Member to join their rosters. 
Each non-Member that plays on ERRC teams is required to pay their annual ALTA dues and a fee to ERRC per season played. 
ERRC non-Member fees:  Juniors = $25 / non-Member player / season; Adults = $50 / non-Member player / season.
During the Fall 2018 season, ERRC will be piloting a new approach to court reservations for ALTA matches.
The rationale for the new pilot is to speed up each weekend match and increase sideline support for the later "lines" during each weekend match.  
Specifically, up to 10 hours of court time will be reserved for each team's Home matches across 2-3 courts; historically, the same 10 hour reservation was only scheduled on two courts.
For example, if one team from a given league is at Home, up to 10 hours of court reservations for their matches will be made across Courts 1, 2, and 3; Court 4 will be not be used for ALTA weekend matches.  If two teams from a given league are scheduled at Home on the same weekend, reservations will be made on Courts 1 and 2 for one Home team and another reservation will be made on Courts 3 and 4 for the other Home team; ALTA does a great job of avoiding Home team overlaps during the regular season, but this scenario has happened during playoffs. All reservations for team practices, matches, and make-up matches will be visible on our tennis reservation system.
ERRC ALTA Fall 2018 Teams (Grouped by League, sorted by day/time of team practice):
Explaining ALTA Levels:  C < B < A < AA . Each level includes 8 flights.
Effectively, C-8 typically consists mostly of novice players while AA-1 typically consists of mostly advanced players.
However, each league, level, flight, and division is equally competitive and fun.
Junior Boys matches are on Saturday afternoons.
- (Boys U14, C-3) practice on Tuesdays 4:45 - 5:45pm (Carrie Young: / Tania Gourley:
- (Boys U12, C-1) practice on Thursdays 3:30 - 5:30pm (Karen Kenney: ... This practice time for the U12 Boys is pending finalization.
Sunday Womens Doubles matches are on Sunday afternoons.
- (Women's B-4) practice on Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm (Susan Rogers:
- (Women's C-2) practice on Wednesdays 7 - 9pm (Alex Wright:  
Saturday Mens Doubles matches are on Saturday mornings.
- (Men's C-1) practice on Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm (Craig Schaeffer:  
- (Men's B-1) practice on Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30pm (Paul McManus:
In addition to the Fall 2018 season, ERRC is restarting its Adult Mixed Doubles team for the Winter 2019 season.
Adult Mixed Doubles teams play during Summers and Winter seasons.
If you are interested in playing on this team ... and even serving as its Captain or Co-Captain, please let me know.
The team's level will depend on the prior history of the players on the roster.
Some key dates for the Winter 2019 league:
- 9/24/2018:  Roster registration begins
- 10/19/2018:  Roster registration ends
- 12/8/2018:  Captain's meeting
- 1st/2nd week Jan 2019:  Winter matches begin (Date TBD)
- Mid Feb 2019:  Winter regular season ends (Date TBD)
- Early Mar 2019:  Winter playoffs end (Date TBD)
ERRC is also open to its Members starting other ALTA and USTA teams. If you're interested in starting a team, please let me know.
Several ERRC Members also compete in flex leagues (singles and/or doubles) (e.g. T2, Ultimate Tennis). Flex leagues are "individual" leagues, no teams (e.g. individual singles players or an individual doubles team). These are also great leagues to join. 
The ERRC Tennis Committee will be reaching out to local neighborhood tennis clubs to coordinate additional opportunities for the Junior players from each club.
*Note:  Each ALTA player must be in good standing and have paid their annual ALTA dues to play on any ALTA team. The ALTA membership is good for one calendar year (Jan - Dec). ALTA league rules for adding players after a season's Captain's meeting and during the season allow up to 6 new players to be added to a given team that meet certain eligibility criteria. Eligible player additions during a given season include: first-time ALTA players, current ALTA players whose most recent level is equal to or lower than the team's level, and players ranked higher than a given team that haven't played on any ALTA team for one calendar year. These criteria help to reduce sand-bagging rosters after a team's level has been established for a given season.  However, during the open roster timeframe, league rosters are open to all players in good standing that meet a given league's criteria (e.g. age, gender, etc...).
Have fun, and play strong, Echo!
Take care.
Sanket D. Shah
2018 ERRC Tennis Chair
(404) 396-9543